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SigniFlow for Microsoft 365: Seamless workflow creation

Our team of SigniFlow development ninjas built Microsoft 365 Add-ins to allow for seamless movement from Microsoft applications into your workflow process, so you can get your documents approved and signed quickly and easily.

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SigniFlow for Microsoft 365
SigniFlow's Microsoft 365 add-ins are available for free to all licensed users.

SigniFlow for Microsoft 365: Directly send documents for signing, in SigniFlow, from Outlook, Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

At SigniFlow, we’re always looking for new ways to boost the functionality of our system, so you can complete your tasks more efficiently.

Our Microsoft 365 Add-ins were built to enable just that – efficiency. With our add-ins for Outlook, and for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you no longer need to interrupt your workflow to change applications. Instead, you can move directly from your Microsoft application of choice to your SigniFlow workflow – and get your documents signed or approved quickly and effortlessly.

SigniFlow for Microsoft 365 allows you to benefit from Microsoft’s already existing collaboration tools, allowing your team or your customers to work on getting your agreements just right with you. Once you’ve gotten the thumbs up from everyone, you can send your document or agreement to SigniFlow for an audited sign-off or approval.

SigniFlow for Microsoft 365: How does it work?

For starters, to use SigniFlow for Microsoft 365, you will need to add the add-in to your businesses application store.

To make it as easy as possible for our users, we’ve included an installation guide under the software tab in their SigniFlow profile.

Once the installation is sorted, there are two very simple and quick processes to follow: One for Outlook and one for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. In both instances, once the document or documents are sent to SigniFlow, they stay within SigniFlow – so security and compliance is taken care of.

A typical Outlook scenario: You receive a document from someone that needs signing, as an attachment in an email. You open the attachment and send it from Outlook straight into a SigniFlow workflow, either with yourself as the signer if you need to sign, or with a designated signer/designated signers – or a combination of these. So there’s no need to save the attachment, go into SigniFlow and upload it before you can even get started on the workflow.

And then a scenario for Word, Excel and PowerPoint alike: You have a document in the relevant application that you need to get signed or approved. Instead of saving it and later uploading from SigniFlow, you simply click on the SigniFlow button that has been installed in your in-app toolbar and go straight into the workflow process.

Please note, with each of these applications, although the document starts out as the appropriate file, the workflowed document will be a .PDF document.

SigniFlow for Microsoft 365: The benefits

  • Increased business productivity
  • Fast, effective internal team collaboration  
  • Professional interaction and collaboration with customers
  • Expanding on your business’s digitisation strategy with modern document processes
  • Time saved (and we don’t need to tell you, time is money)
  • Peace of mind, knowing documents are secure and tamper-proof, the moment they leave your Microsoft app

SigniFlow for Microsoft Office 365 can be used any device that runs Microsoft Apps, so whether you’re in the office, at home, on the road or in the air – SigniFlow for Microsoft 365 will help you get business done seamlessly, thoroughly, and quickly.

SigniFlow’s Microsoft 365 add-ins are available for free to all licensed users.


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  2. Official Microsoft 365 site – Reimagine productivity with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams
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